Use Case


Automating the Manipulation of Documents in the Healthcare Sector.

Executive Summary

The customer is the largest hospital of its country. They have hundreds of new staff members each year (doctors, interns, nurses and so on). The hospital needs to gather 25 documents per new incomer as well as about 10 documents from in-duty staff members each year.


The manual tasks the hospital was handling manually involved:

Sending mails to staff members to ask for necessary documents.

Making phone calls to remind inactive or incomplete candidates to take actions.

Collecting documents from various channels including: at the hospital, post mails and emails.

Opening documents (mails + pdf or paper photocopies).

Checking document types’ validity.

Converting non-pdf documents into pdf documents.

Merging separated pdf documents from multiple faces documents into one single pdf document (Example: Identity Card recto + verso).

Manually renaming documents according to their internal nomenclature (doctype.id_Doctor_xyz.pdf).

How CheckHub Helped

The hospital chose to use our online platform to automate 60% of its task. Thanks to our Import Tool, they can upload an excel file with dozens of staff members at once. From there, our tool executes the following:

Sending reminders per texts and mails to existing and/or future staff members.

Creating a branded portal for those idividuals, accessible from all devices.

No app to download, no login, no password.

Automated validation of documents.

Automated conversion from images to pdf documents.

Documents recto and verso being merged in one single file.

Renaming documents according to internal nomenclature.

All documents being on CheckHub, downloadable in a single archive (.zip) per staff member.