Avoid files and printers in your company.

Five benefits of going paperless in your company

1. Reduce the quantity of incoming mails

Going through hundreds of mails probably does not take hours of your day, however it can be quite time-consuming. And when a company is done sorting through incoming mail, it has to either throw it away, shred it or file it.
Decreasing the number of mails you get in the first place is the only option allowing to keep important information incoming in and confidential way.

2. Clean up disorder

Nobody likes disorder. That is also the reason why companies need to have time to time serious paper sorting. Going paperless allows to remove the disorder that comes with paper files.

3. Have access to everything at your fingertips

Going digital allows to have instantaneous and direct access to necessary information in a world where real time information is more and more important, for any business.

4. Distribute information across your teams

Distribute information across your employees is a main part of having a successful business. Various Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms let employees share documents using an efficient and secured system. Employees can collaborate in the cloud instead of waiting for co-workers to hand them paper files.

5. Avoid loss and alteration of documents

Still too many companies handle paper files when onboarding new employees or customers. Many of which end up in large shelves stretch across whole dedicated rooms. Loss and alteration of documents happens in many cases as time goes by.

Five ways to go paperless in your company

1. Implement paperless document storage

Many Document Management Systems (DMS) are available on the market today. Almost all of them offer a cloud-based solution to store documents. In other cases, linking these DMS with online document storage is secured enough option (Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 Buckets, etc.). Sensible documents can also be hosted on internal servers.

2. Use new ways of communicating

The easiest ways to go paperless is available through any computer with an internet connection: email. Email offers faster communication than sending letters. Unfortunately, studies show that only 55% of mails are opened. Using text messaging to send memos is increasingly popular. Furthermore, more and more companies use social media or whatsapp to communicate in a more efficient way with its customers.

3. Let the end users digitalize your documents.

An old fashioned way of converting to a paperless office is to scan each document into a PDF format and upload the scanned version to the cloud.
Today, scanning apps on tablets or smartphones are trendy. They allow a company to easily ask for scanned documents from their customers or employees without having them installing drivers on their computers to use their outdated scanner.
New SaaS platforms such as allows users to take pictures and apply auto rotation, cropping, zooming, contrasting, etc. such as regular scanners, without any apps to download.

4. Use e-signatures

Signing contracts and agreements no longer means printing out long documents for a couple of signatures. E-signatures are considered legally binding if they are eIDAS compliant. With our partner Docusign, we offer an all-in-one solution allowing your users to sign documents and to be entitled to it.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence might look like buzz word, and it is! But in some case, it can be much more. At CheckHub, we give much importance in the self learning of machines. It allows our solution to be everyday more efficient, especially when extracting structured data from unknown document.

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