Document Collection

Manual tasks of collection

Once your documents have been defined and set up, the hardest work is done. Now it’s just a matter to send it to your audience and collect the information you need... You wish!!!
Unfortunately, the collection is most probably the biggest bottleneck of the document sharing process.
Not that your audience doesn't want to collaborate or don't know what to do.
The documents requested aren't always immediately found nor available.
It means that users cannot provide all documents requested immediately.
Without an effective tracking system, lots of time and energy will be wasted emailing or calling people whose documents are not provided or up to date.

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Automate the collection

CheckHub automates your entire collection process. Once your document request is sent to your audience, you can easily check the status and progress of each invite. Users will be automatically notified through email or SMS and asked to provide the documents that are still missing.
CheckHub manages also the life cycle of your documents and candidates. Your database is therefore constantly accurate and up to date.

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