Automating the Manipulation of Documents for insurance companies.


The insurance business requires the exchange of a lot of documents. Not only when contracting a new insurance client but also when a claim file for refunding is being opened.


Insurances companies spend countless hours on the following tasks with regards to the manipulation and handling of documents:

Sending mails to (future) customers to ask for required documents such as identity cards, application forms, invoices, contracts, damage pictures, etc…

Reminding customers to provide these required documents

Collecting documents per post, email & via ‘brick’ agencies or through specific document platforms.

Opening uploaded & sent documents, scanning them.

Checking documents’ validity and dates.

Converting uploaded and sent documents into pdf documents.

Merging different files into one aggregated pdf document.

Renaming documents according to the internal nomenclature (Example doctype_id.filenumber_date.pdf).

How CheckHub Help Insurances

CheckHub's technology can either be plugged to existing document platforms or serve as a branded end-point for insurances. CheckHub helps insurances by:

Sending reminders per texts and emails to individuals.

One single & branded client portal for individuals accessible from all devices.

Automated validation of documents.

Automated restrictions on mime type during upload.

Automated conversion from different mime types to pdf documents.

Renaming documents according to internal nomenclature.

All documents can be send back to the insurance company’s servers or updated in real time in the document platform.