Use Case


Automating the Manipulation of Documents for Notary Offices.

Executive Summary

The customer is a notary office with 15 employees. The employees responsible for the administration are confronted daily with the manual handling of many documents. They need to collect and validate documents such as identity cards, deeds, declarations of succession, bank extracts, wedding contracts, leaseholds, insurance contracts, etc.
They are handling 200 documents on average per day.


The manual tasks this office is dealing with are:

Sending emails to individuals to ask for documents prior to opening a file of succession, the sale of a property, a divorce, etc.

Making phone calls to remind individuals to take action and deliver the requested documents and information.

Collecting the documents via emails, but also via post or clients delivering the documents in person.

Opening those documents (emails + pdf attachments or paper photocopies coming via post).

Checking document types’ validity.

Converting non-pdf documents into pdf documents.

Merging separated files into one single document (ex: 4 separate pages of 1 Wedding Contract).

Renaming the documents according to the internal nomenclature (ex: doctype_notary_date_clientname.pdf).

How CheckHub Helped

This customer is using the online CheckHub SaaS platform. Individuals are uploaded via excel files or one by one. From there, all necessary documents are collected and processed in a digital and automated manner. All manual tasks are eliminated or reduced to an absolute minimum. The notary office is able to reduce the time needed to complete a file and saves up to 50% of the time spent on the administrative tasks. Moreover the experience of the clients is improved as well.

Used features include :

Sending automated requests for documents per email and text.

Automated reminders per texts and mails to those clients are programmed in the platform.

One single secure platform for clients accessible via an easily accessible link from all devices.

The clients can upload their documents by browsing or by just taking a picture via Smartphone.

Automated validation of the documents.

Automated restrictions on mime type during upload.

Automated conversion from different mime types to pdf documents.

Renaming the documents according to internal nomenclature.

All documents are available to the notary online via CheckHub's platform.

Documents can be duplicated on Actalibra (SDP), Super Collaborator (DataConsult) or Nota+ (CSID/Genapi).