On-demand Economy

Automating the Manipulation of Documents for C2C marketplaces.


New consumer-to-consumer economy is booming, so are the services exchanged online (taxidrivers, room renting, gardening, car renting, etc.). The needs for those platforms to verify and check individual service providers is increasing as well.


The manual tasks online C2C platforms are involved with are :

Sending mails to service providers to ask for necessary documents such as work permits, identity cards, driving licences and so on.

Making phone calls to remind individual service providers provide their documents

Collecting documents per mail or through specific document platform.

Opening uploaded & sent documents

Checking document types’ validity and face picture presence.

Converting non-pdf documents into pdf documents.

Merging separated pdf documents into one single pdf document (Example: Identity Card recto + verso).

Renaming documents according to internal nomenclature (doctype_id.Candidate_id).

How CheckHub Help C2C marketplaces

CheckHub's technology can either be plugged to existing document platform or serve as end point for service providers. Features for on-demand economy include :

Sending reminders per texts and mails to service individuals.

One single end point for individuals accessible from all devices.

Automated validation of documents.

Automated restrictions on mime type during upload.

Automated conversion from different mime types to pdf documents.

Renaming documents according to internal nomenclature.

All documents sent back to marketplace servers or real time update in existing document platform.