Use Case


Automating the Manipulation of Documents in the Interim Sector.

Executive Summary

The customer is one of the largest temporary staffing firm in Europe. The company, in its Belgian subsidiary, is handling about 1 million documents per year. Concerned documents include: identity cards, curriculum vitae, diplomas, driving licenses, among others.
CheckHub is now successfully automating the process of collecting and validating those documents from candidates.
The time saving in the administrative department (30 FTE) of that company is estimated to be 60%. This averages a cost saving of 900.000 € per year.


The manual tasks the subject was handling manually involved:

Sending mails to candidates to ask for necessary documents.

Making phone calls to remind inactive or incomplete candidates to take actions.

Collecting documents from various channels including: field agencies, post mails and emails.

Opening documents (mails + pdf or paper photocopies).

Checking document types’ validity.

Converting non-pdf documents into pdf documents.

Merging separated pdf documents from multiple faces documents into one single pdf document (Example: Identity Card recto + verso).

Manually renaming documents according to their internal nomenclature (

How CheckHub Helped

This customer chose to automate those tasks through a full integration via SQS Messaging Service. (more info about SQS here)
The integration in their document management interface resulted in the following tasks' automation:

Sending reminders per texts and mails to candidates.

A branded portal for candidates, accessible from all devices.

No app to download, no login, no password. Easy and secured magic link for candidates.

Automated validation of documents.

Automated restrictions on mime type during upload.

Automated conversion from different mime types to pdf documents.

Documents recto and verso being merged in one single file.

Renaming documents according to internal nomenclature.

All documents being sent back to our client’s servers, in real time.

Full integration of CheckHub in their front-end interface.


Integration time: 1,5 months

Integration resulted in the reduction in time spent on administrative tasks by 60%.

Total time spent on administrative tasks previously to CheckHub’s technology implementation was estimated to 18 FTEs equivalent.

50.000 € is the average FTE cost for the identified positions.

Cost saving sums up to 900.000 € per year.