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Using Digitalization as Leverage to Customize & Personalize the HR Experience

When thinking of PERSONALIZATION, the idea of interacting with a computer is not usually one’s first thought. But as today’s world involves so much of our lives spent behind keyboards, it is a connection that businesses are rushing to adopt. One area of increasing concerning deals with Human Resources departments, more specifically, the process of candidates applying for jobs.

The normal procedure here involves a candidate filling out a lengthy application, along with being asked a series of questions by an interviewer, and together the info collected comprised what was known as a CANDIDATE PROFILE. This profile was used to match the candidate’s skillsets, experience and interest with existing (or future) job openings and when a match occurs, the candidate is notified, and an interview is scheduled. This process, in today’s world, is appearing more and more outdated and digital procedures are being increasingly applied

Here are a few examples of how digitalization process vs. human ones are helping to customize as well as personalize the HR experience for candidates:

  • Allows for virtual communication & data collection In utilizing online applications and information gathering techniques, candidates no longer (or rarely) have to visit an HR department or hiring agency on site. All data can be collected via online tool and forms, messenger software, or email.
  • Extends greater control to the candidate with regards to changing/updating information Data forms that require a human to update them can result in outdated info and in the hiring process, updated data is almost always a timely requirement. By utilizing digital processes, a candidate can automatically be prompted to provide the changes or upload new documents as needed.
  • Allows for extremely quick location of openings and applications processes Another excellent PRO for the digitalization column is perhaps the most important of all: being notified of job openings in real time and/or the process of AUTOMATICALLY APPLYING for any positions that meet a candidate’s needs and skillsets. Through the use of technology, both of these are possible and result in a much more robust and satisfying experience for the job seeker.

As such processes are adopted by more and more HR departments, it is likely we will see increased efficiency in the area of application and placement processes as well as increased perception of positive experiences for job seeking candidates.