Build & Share Smart Forms

As part of our continued commitment to creating effective, user-friendly digital solutions, let’s present our Form manager. This powerful tool allows you to create tailored forms, seamlessly integrating into any business process, whether it’s a hiring procedure, legal case preparation, or a real estate presale. Our forms can take the shape of contracts, policies, surveys, and more.

Key Features

Advanced Fields

In an era where information is paramount, our Form manager offers an extensive variety of field types, going above and beyond the basics. We support complex fields such as IBAN & BIC Number, Geolocated Address, File Uploader, Signature Pad, and many more. Our tool allows you to customize your forms with precision, ensuring you collect the necessary information in the most efficient way possible.

Conditional Display

Our tool also boasts a unique “Conditional Display” feature. This allows you to create dynamic, interactive forms by using conditional rules to show or hide fields based on your customers’ responses or data. This feature makes your forms not only more engaging but also easier for your customers to fill out, by presenting only the relevant fields.

Manage Data

Data management has never been simpler with our “Form” feature. You can easily review responses online or download a set as a spreadsheet, making form collection an effortless task. Our goal is to help you focus on what truly matters: making strategic, data-driven decisions.


Enhanced Performance with Combined Features

Experience the power of our tools working in perfect harmony. The Form feature integrates flawlessly with other components of our suite to deliver an exceptional, comprehensive experience.

  • Communication: allows you to apply your company branding to every form you send, ensuring a professional and uniform presentation that aligns with your business identity. With our tool, each form will not only be functional but also visually appealing, reflecting your company’s style and ethos. Read more

  • Data Extraction: This feature adds an extra layer of precision to the process. It automatically extracts data from provided documents such as driving licenses and incorporates this information into your forms. This capability ensures that the details you collect are not only accurate but also validated, enhancing the overall reliability and efficiency of your processes. Read more

  • Electronic Signature: Completing the workflow, our Electronic Signature enables customers to sign forms electronically immediately after completion. This feature streamlines the final step of any legal workflow, providing you with a neatly signed, digital document, ready for storage or further processing. Read more

« CheckHub allows to relieve the administrative burden on our employees, especially with young customers. »

Notary Vincent Maillard

« With ASAP HR Group we were looking for a solution that would save our consultants a lot of time and ensure that we had more certainty that we had the right documents and a complete file in our system for all temporary workers. The combination of CheckHub integrated with PratoFlex provided us with the ideal platform for this. The fact that, moreover, the user experience for both the consultants, but also and especially for the temporary workers themselves, made a big leap forward, was a very positive development. »

Joeri Schutters, IT Manager ASAP HR Group

« We have to say that thanks to the integration of CheckHub in PratoFlex, even over this relatively short period of time, we have seen a very positive evolution. Where we used to waste a lot of time or even forget to follow up on the files, it is now a process that runs automatically and requires little or no manual intervention. In addition to the time savings, it is also much easier for a temporary worker to be able to do this at home via smartphone or computer and they can upload or complete all documents in the same movement. »

Jela Desfossés, HQ Manager Job Talent

Tailored Solution?

Are you interested in learning more about how CheckHub can revolutionize the way your team works? Are you looking for a solution for high volumes of processed documents and a tailor-made offering to maximize the benefits for your organization? Contact us to get a price quote for the Enterprise Package.