The Power of Collaboration

In the dynamic world of business, the ability to collaborate effectively is crucial. At CheckHub, we understand this truth and have designed a powerful collaboration feature to help you manage documents and forms within your business processes more seamlessly. This feature provides a user-friendly platform for managing requests sent to individuals to collect and share documents during any business process, such as the hiring process, legal case preparation, or even real estate presale.

Key Features

User Groups

With User Groups, you can manage groups of users, assigning them specific set of rights based on their functional requirements. This fosters a better division of labor, with each group having access to only the necessary resources. This ensures security while also allowing a higher level of flexibility and specificity within your organization.


Stay organized and efficient with our Tags feature. Categorize your customers and projects based on their importance, workflow status, or any other aspect that fits your process. You can also limit access to these resources per user or group. This feature promotes a more streamlined process, allowing for easier tracking and management of resources.


Our Flows feature allows you to create signature flows involving multiple operators. For example, a process could require the involvement of both an Operator and a Manager. This ensures that all necessary stakeholders are involved in each step of the process, promoting accountability and thoroughness in every task.

Seamless Combination with Following Features:

Our Collaboration feature truly shines when used in conjunction with our other key features: Integration, Communication, and Electronic Signature.

  • Integration: With Integration, our platform can synchronize with any external systems you’re using, bridging the gap between different environments. This not only ensures smoother processes, but also alerts you as soon as one of your processes is completed, keeping you on top of every development. Read more

  • Personalized Communication: Our Communication feature allows you to customize communication campaigns based on your users’ functions and the processes they’re managing. This ensures your messages are always relevant, targeted, and impactful. Read more

  • Electronic Signature: This feature enhances the efficiency of your operations. It allows automatic communication with process signatories, significantly speeding up the completion of contracts or offers. This means less time waiting and more time focusing on what truly matters – your business. Read more


To take the step towards paperless work as an HR service, a tool for signing contracts was indispensable. But Checkhub does more. All documents that need to be read, signed, or delivered during the onboarding process are provided to the future employee with just a few mouse clicks. We are finally entering the 21st century. Instead of getting lost in masses of paper, we can now establish a digital workflow that culminates in a digital dossier. New colleagues can now manage all the paperwork associated with their recruitment from home using their smartphones. Signing a contract has never been easier.

« Within a few clicks, we were able to compile our employees’ intentions to participate in the strike and gather their scheduled working hours for the day of the strike. This proved to be a valuable time-saving measure in managing understaffing and allowed us to reach all staff, whether they were present or absent. »

Arnaud Kamp, HR Director at Clinics of Europe

« With more than 1 million documents a year, we can state that document management is a business-critical process for our organization. Thanks to CheckHub we were able to achieve tremendous results in terms of cost- and timesaving. The timesaving is equal to 50% a year or from 0.5 to 2 hours spent per consultant per week . More time, less spend, cost and human error. An excellent result. »

Petra Arys, Business Excellence at Randstad

« We have to say that thanks to the integration of CheckHub in PratoFlex, even over this relatively short period of time, we have seen a very positive evolution. Where we used to waste a lot of time or even forget to follow up on the files, it is now a process that runs automatically and requires little or no manual intervention. In addition to the time savings, it is also much easier for a temporary worker to be able to do this at home via smartphone or computer and they can upload or complete all documents in the same movement. »

Jela Desfossés, HQ Manager Job Talent


Wilt u meer weten over hoe CheckHub een revolutie teweeg kan brengen in de manier waarop uw team werkt? Bent u op zoek naar een oplossing voor grote volumes verwerkte documenten en een aanbod op maat om de voordelen voor uw organisatie te maximaliseren? Neem contact met ons op voor een offerte voor het Enterprise-pakket.