Transform Your Workflows with Automation

At CheckHub, we are driven by our commitment to create seamless, efficient, and highly customizable solutions for our users. We are thrilled to introduce our latest feature: Automation. Built to streamline complex document and form collection processes, this feature is a game-changer for any organization, regardless of your industry.

Whether you’re involved in a hiring procedure, preparing a legal case, or managing real estate pre-sales, our automation feature simplifies the tedious aspects of document collection, ensuring smooth and efficient workflows. With this innovative tool, the collection and validation of critical documents such as identification cards, driving licenses, contracts, surveys, and more, become significantly easier.

Key features

Event Triggers

This feature allows you to set up automation processes based on specific events. For instance, you can define an event when a file is received or a document collection process is completed. This flexibility lets you match your business workflows perfectly, saving you from the unnecessary manual efforts and time delays.

Notification Scenarios

Keep your team members and clients updated at all times with our customizable notification scenarios. You can define how and when you wish to communicate, whether it’s based on event triggers or according to a predefined schedule. This means you can keep everyone involved in the loop, resulting in increased transparency and better collaboration.

Data Retention Policy

Manage the sensitive data with complete control and confidence. After the completion of a process, you can decide how to deal with the collected personal data— whether to archive it for future reference or delete it permanently, aligning with your data governance and compliance requirements.

Seamless Combination with Following Features:

Our Automation feature becomes even more powerful when used in conjunction with other robust functionalities.

  • Integration: For those relying on external systems, our seamless integration capability can sync your processes across multiple environments. Once a process is completed, the system will automatically alert you, ensuring that you are always on top of your workflows, no matter where they are being executed. Read more
  • Electronic Signature: Say goodbye to waiting around for manual sign-offs. Our system can automatically communicate with process signatories, expediting the approval of contracts or offers. This feature ensures that your business keeps moving at a pace that matches your needs. Read more
  • Form Collection: allows you to automate the collection of tailor-made forms using data pre-filled from your existing databases. This reduces the chance of error and significantly speeds up the data collection process, thereby enhancing your overall operational efficiency. Read more


To take the step towards paperless work as an HR service, a tool for signing contracts was indispensable. But Checkhub does more. All documents that need to be read, signed, or delivered during the onboarding process are provided to the future employee with just a few mouse clicks. We are finally entering the 21st century. Instead of getting lost in masses of paper, we can now establish a digital workflow that culminates in a digital dossier. New colleagues can now manage all the paperwork associated with their recruitment from home using their smartphones. Signing a contract has never been easier.

« Within a few clicks, we were able to compile our employees’ intentions to participate in the strike and gather their scheduled working hours for the day of the strike. This proved to be a valuable time-saving measure in managing understaffing and allowed us to reach all staff, whether they were present or absent. »

Arnaud Kamp, HR Director at Clinics of Europe

« With more than 1 million documents a year, we can state that document management is a business-critical process for our organization. Thanks to CheckHub we were able to achieve tremendous results in terms of cost- and timesaving. The timesaving is equal to 50% a year or from 0.5 to 2 hours spent per consultant per week . More time, less spend, cost and human error. An excellent result. »

Petra Arys, Business Excellence at Randstad

« We have to say that thanks to the integration of CheckHub in PratoFlex, even over this relatively short period of time, we have seen a very positive evolution. Where we used to waste a lot of time or even forget to follow up on the files, it is now a process that runs automatically and requires little or no manual intervention. In addition to the time savings, it is also much easier for a temporary worker to be able to do this at home via smartphone or computer and they can upload or complete all documents in the same movement. »

Jela Desfossés, HQ Manager Job Talent


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