A time saving of 60% and a complete digital archive for ASAP HR Group

ASAP HR Group was one of the first staffing companies to adopt the PratoFlex – CheckHub integration at the beginning of 2021. It is with great pleasure that Joeri Schutters, IT Manager at ASAP HR Group wishes to share his experience and perspective on this solution.

Hi Joeri! Why were you actually looking for a platform to collect documents digitally?

Before we came to you, we had a situation where forms such as letters of intent and registration forms were still being printed and filled out on paper. These were then scanned by the consultant and sent to the consultant’s mailbox via email. After that, these documents still had to be manually stored in PratoFlex. A consultant would spend around ten minutes on each document, involving a lot of back-and-forth between printers and scanners.

Additionally, we also requested many other documents from our temporary workers, such as certain certificates, identification documents, and other attestations. The same time-consuming manual paper process applied here as well. Moreover, we had absolutely no control over the quality of the submitted documents. Was a driver’s license indeed a driver’s license? Was this document still valid and readable? Was a specific certificate the correct document? Furthermore, these documents were often stored and classified incorrectly. There was no fixed naming convention used to easily locate documents.

So, we started looking for a solution that would save our consultants a lot of time and provide us with more assurance that we had the correct documents and a complete file for all temporary workers in our system. The combination of CheckHub integrated with PratoFlex offered us the ideal platform for this purpose. The fact that the user experience for both consultants and, especially, temporary workers improved significantly was also a very positive development.

Of course, it all began with setting up your account on the CheckHub platform to get started. How did you experience the preparation and startup process?

As one of the first customers for this integration with ASAP, we paved the way. CheckHub was one of the first integrations developed using the new API at Prato. We did some pioneering work that other customers now benefit from. Fortunately, the CheckHub platform was already in place, and the API documentation and standards were very good and professional, so this process didn’t take too much time. However, since the API integration between PratoFlex and CheckHub was not yet available, we had to provide a lot of input to outline the most efficient flow, determine the right triggers, and specify where (and for how long) certain documents should be retained.

For the setup of the account itself, we had a kick-off call with you of less than an hour to discuss the best setup for us. After that, it was straightforward for us to send you the right documents we used, along with the texts and other information for the platform. A few days later, everything was ready, and we could start testing.

If there’s an issue or a particular adjustment needed, how do you and your colleagues experience the customer service and level of service?

I don’t think there have been any real problems up to today. For instance, to my knowledge, there has never been downtime on your platform. My colleagues tell me that responses are very quick when a specific adjustment is needed. The response usually comes on the same day. You are very accessible, and solutions are delivered efficiently.

The setup of the PratoFlex – CheckHub integration has been well done, and it’s easy and flexible to add new things like new document types or forms that we want to handle in the same flow with the temporary workers. Our users can log in to your platform to make certain changes themselves.

And perhaps the most important question to ask: what are the main benefits that you have been able to achieve today thanks to the PratoFlex – CheckHub integration?

The most measurable result is the time savings we now have during registrations. This is around 60%. So, our consultants can spend much more time on correctly matching and placing candidates, making our clients more satisfied. Also, our files are much more complete. Without investing extra time or effort, we have a more complete digital archive. This provides a great deal of reassurance in terms of compliance, and if, for instance, there is ever an audit to check if we have all the correct documents for all candidates and have performed the necessary checks.

Right from the start, the consultants are very pleased that the entire administrative burden of handling documents has been removed from them. Moreover, the transition went very smoothly. Little adjustment was needed, and the consultants could continue working seamlessly from PratoFlex. The only manual task they have to do now is check a box next to the required documents, and from there, the process is entirely automatic. At the end of this process, the correct documents with the right names are in the appropriate folders in PratoFlex.

One idea for improvement is that while everything is now in PratoFlex, we don’t have an overview (like a dashboard) of which documents were requested at what time. In the integration we had made with CheckHub through our ATS (yes, we’ve indeed gone a step further and integrated CheckHub with our ATS to maximize efficiency), there is, for example, such a dashboard built-in, allowing consultants to see what has been requested and provided at a glance.

One thing I definitely want to mention is that the ability to validate documents automatically through the CheckHub platform is one of the most important elements that allows us to achieve the efficiency and time savings we talked about earlier. The fact that we are now certain that a submitted certificate, driver’s license, ID card… is indeed the correct, valid, and readable document makes the process much easier for the consultant. Furthermore, our data quality has greatly improved, and we are also in a much better legal position because our files are now (timely) complete.