Go Paperless with Electronic Signature

We are constantly striving to make your document handling more efficient, streamlined, and user-friendly. This powerful feature brings the convenience of digital signatures right into your business processes, whether you’re hiring new talent, preparing for a legal case, or managing real estate transactions.

Key Features

Any Document

With Electronic Signature, your customers can sign any PDFs or electronic forms they’ve completed, fully integrated in our user-friendly flow. Whether it’s contracts, policies, or forms, digitize your document flow, and watch your business take a quantum leap forward.

Flow Control

Our Electronic Signature feature is not just about digital signatures – it’s about giving you total control over your document flow. When multiple signers are involved, you get to decide if all can sign simultaneously or if there is a predefined signing order. You set the pace and order, we make sure it’s followed.

Batch Signing

Does your business handle a high volume of documents? Our Electronic Signature feature is armed with “Batch Signing”. This means you can handle multiple signatures at once, greatly speeding up your waiting list. Now, managing those piles of documents is a breeze.

Unlock the Full Potential

The true strength of our Electronic Signature feature lies in its seamless integration with the other powerful features of our platform

  • Advanced Form: Generate sophisticated forms that cater to your unique business requirements using our Forms feature. Harness the power of custom conditional displays and validations. Once completed, these forms can be instantly transitioned into the signing process, allowing for a fluid, efficient workflow. Read more

  • Collaboration: Our platform enables you to create groups of users with specific signature orders, allowing for a more coordinated document signing process. Set individual user rights to focus on different tasks, be it electronic signing or document validation, fostering an environment of structured collaboration. Read more

  • Communication: The waiting game ends here. With our Communication feature, signers are notified immediately when their attention is required, with reminders to ensure no document is left unsigned. This accelerates the document collection process, keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently. Read more

« CheckHub allows to relieve the administrative burden on our employees, especially with young customers. »

Notary Vincent Maillard

« With ASAP HR Group we were looking for a solution that would save our consultants a lot of time and ensure that we had more certainty that we had the right documents and a complete file in our system for all temporary workers. The combination of CheckHub integrated with PratoFlex provided us with the ideal platform for this. The fact that, moreover, the user experience for both the consultants, but also and especially for the temporary workers themselves, made a big leap forward, was a very positive development. »

Joeri Schutters, IT Manager ASAP HR Group

« We have to say that thanks to the integration of CheckHub in PratoFlex, even over this relatively short period of time, we have seen a very positive evolution. Where we used to waste a lot of time or even forget to follow up on the files, it is now a process that runs automatically and requires little or no manual intervention. In addition to the time savings, it is also much easier for a temporary worker to be able to do this at home via smartphone or computer and they can upload or complete all documents in the same movement. »

Jela Desfossés, HQ Manager Job Talent

Tailored Solution?

Are you interested in learning more about how CheckHub can revolutionize the way your team works? Are you looking for a solution for high volumes of processed documents and a tailor-made offering to maximize the benefits for your organization? Contact us to get a price quote for the Enterprise Package.