Supercharging Document Validation

With the fast pace of business today, the use and use of documents can make or break your success. In complex processes such as hiring, legal case preparation, or real estate transactions, every document must be flawless and up-to-date. And with the flood of paperwork required for these processes, manual checking simply isn’t an option. It’s slow, prone to human error, and frankly, inefficient.

What is Validation

Validation is an advanced document verification feature, powered by custom rule-based algorithms. It’s designed to ensure that your business processes run smoothly, with all necessary documentation in line and on point. With the Validation feature, you set custom rules to determine if a document meets your exact requirements. Whether it’s checking the country of origin, validity, or contract references, you have the power to tailor the criteria to your needs.

Key Features

Custom Rules

With the ability to configure custom rules, you control what constitutes a valid document. Tailor your checks to match specific conditions such as country origin, validity, and contract reference. The result? You ensure that every document aligns with your precise business needs.

Validation Level

Validation is a team effort. With our Manual score feature, you can set a Control Group of users with limited rights to double-check documents. This allows your team to collaborate effectively while maintaining control and security.

Control Group

Create your own dashboards of end-users and documents in order for your Control Group of users to check validated or rejected documents. Or add a document pending option to allow manual validation for certain categories of documents.

Unlock the Full Potential

Our Validation feature is not just a standalone solution. When combined with the other features of our tool, it can significantly streamline your document handling processes, creating a more efficient workflow.

Validation works hand in hand with our Data Extraction feature, making the document verification process even more accurate. By extracting data from uploaded documents, our system can easily apply your custom validation rules, ensuring that each document complies with the set criteria. This intelligent synergy reduces potential errors and boosts overall efficiency.

Collaboration: By complementing Validation with our Collaboration feature, you create a more efficient, targeted workflow. Set up groups of users with defined rights, allowing them to focus on their specific tasks such as controlling documents or electronic signing. This collaborative approach, backed by our sophisticated validation technology, optimizes the document management process and ensures seamless team coordination.

Automation: When Validation is paired with our Automation feature, you truly take your document management to the next level. Automate processes based on document type: valid documents are sent to external systems and trigger internal workflows, while non-compliant documents notify your designated Control Cell. This seamless interaction reduces manual work, accelerates your processes, and keeps your team informed at all times

« CheckHub allows to relieve the administrative burden on our employees, especially with young customers. »

Notary Vincent Maillard

« With ASAP HR Group we were looking for a solution that would save our consultants a lot of time and ensure that we had more certainty that we had the right documents and a complete file in our system for all temporary workers. The combination of CheckHub integrated with PratoFlex provided us with the ideal platform for this. The fact that, moreover, the user experience for both the consultants, but also and especially for the temporary workers themselves, made a big leap forward, was a very positive development. »

Joeri Schutters, IT Manager ASAP HR Group

« We have to say that thanks to the integration of CheckHub in PratoFlex, even over this relatively short period of time, we have seen a very positive evolution. Where we used to waste a lot of time or even forget to follow up on the files, it is now a process that runs automatically and requires little or no manual intervention. In addition to the time savings, it is also much easier for a temporary worker to be able to do this at home via smartphone or computer and they can upload or complete all documents in the same movement. »

Jela Desfossés, HQ Manager Job Talent

Tailored Solution?

Are you interested in learning more about how CheckHub can revolutionize the way your team works? Are you looking for a solution for high volumes of processed documents and a tailor-made offering to maximize the benefits for your organization? Contact us to get a price quote for the Enterprise Package.