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The healthcare staff is currently working at their highest capacity and cannot be expected to work any harder. To support them, you can lessen their workload by eliminating repetitive tasks. Doing so will improve the quality of service, increase employee morale, and save your organization significant costs. CheckHub is a document management solution that can help healthcare organizations achieve more by doing less. 

Some of Our Trusted Customers

More Work with
Less Effort

Onboarding new staff in hospitals can be complicated for HR employees as they have to collect a lot of documents like diplomas, visa, INAMI certificates, registrations with the order of physicians, identity cards and criminal records. At the same time they need to deals with many different forms, declarations and contracts that the new employee, doctor, assistant or students needs to complete.

As a solution to collect and exchange all these documents and forms, companies now often use a lot of emails with multiple attachments which are sent back and forth. Or they still use a lot of paper documents that need to be exchanged, completed and signed. The whole process involves a lot of manual intervention. With online platforms as CheckHub, which serves as a system of automated exchange and record in the cloud, the only manual work needed to do is to select the needed types of documents and the rest of the process runs automated. It is accessible from anywhere, whether you’re at the office, home or on the go. Also for your new employees, they can easily handle, upload, complete and sign the requested document easily via their smartphone or any other device. CheckHub helps to manage the entire onboarding process and is also a central hub for all documents, contracts and forms your team may use.

Everything Just
a Click Away

Our system makes it easy for you to find all the relevant information in one place with just a single click and almost real-time response. However, using CheckHub may change your perception of how conservative HR people were when working with various documents in the past. Are you ready to take a next step in your digital transformation and make a huge leap in efficiency in your document handling and digital processing?

Why Do Our Customer Choose CheckHub over Email?

CheckHub allows us to work faster, reduce errors and led to incredible growth. It’s really been pivotal to our growth. It feels like we made a transformation for the the jurassic age to a new age of working.

« Within a few clicks, we were able to compile our employees’ intentions to participate in the strike and gather their scheduled working hours for the day of the strike. This proved to be a valuable time-saving measure in managing understaffing and allowed us to reach all staff, whether they were present or absent. »

Arnaud Kamp, HR Director at Clinics of Europe

To take the step towards paperless work as an HR service, a tool for signing contracts was indispensable. But Checkhub does more. All documents that need to be read, signed, or delivered during the onboarding process are provided to the future employee with just a few mouse clicks. We are finally entering the 21st century. Instead of getting lost in masses of paper, we can now establish a digital workflow that culminates in a digital dossier. New colleagues can now manage all the paperwork associated with their recruitment from home using their smartphones. Signing a contract has never been easier.

Koen Van Gijsel, HR Project Manager at University Hospital of Antwerp

Clinics of Europe is a hospital group comprising three clinics at three different sites. Each time a new doctor or assistant enters  the clinics, a multitude of documents needs to be collected, completed and signed. This involved a massive administrative and time-consuming burden on our HR staff. Using the online version of CheckHub, there was no need for IT integrations on the client side. The Clinics secretariat was therefore able to use the solution the day after entering into a CheckHub contract. The time spent on these administrative tasks was reduced by 80%.

Julia Chelechko, Admin Department at Clinics Of Europe

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