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5 benefits of collecting and validating documents via a digital platform

Many companies are still stuck in the paper world when it comes to collecting and validating documents in a correct and timely manner. There are often significant technical, financial and operational barriers to overcome when implementing electronic document management systems, but today there are sufficient performing and easy to implement digital platforms available to make this happen.

Without a digital platform to collect documents companies today still have to use emails to ask for these documents. This is often the start of a very lengthy and cumbersome process of emails, attachments, telephone calls and of course confusion.

Further more it is clear that significant benefits are to be achieved once these systems are in place. Below we have identified 5 key benefits of moving to an electronic document environment that may help you make the move:

Benefit #1 – Better communication with your client/employee/temporary worker

While using a digital platform to collect and validate required documents from your clients, employees or temporary workers, you can streamline the communication around this process much better. Instead of sending (and receiving) multiple emails, whether or not supported by many phone calls to clarify or chase people, all communication happens via the platform. An email or SMS is sent automatically from the platform and it contains a link that brings the person that needs to provide the required documents to a secure platform where this person has a clear overview of what documents he has to upload, complete, sign, etc…

The uploaded documents can be easily uploaded and validated automatically on the platform, which will allow for an immediate feedback if the document does not meet the required standards or is expired. Comments on why a document is not validated can be communicated through the platform as well.

Filling out forms and e-signing documents all happens via the same platform. Moreover these platforms are designed to work perfectly and smoothly on all devices. This is especially important since more than 60% of the documents are treated on mobile devices.

Benefit #2 – No more hassle with sending numerous emails and tons of attachments

Without a digital platform to collect documents companies today still have to use emails to ask for these documents. This is often the start of a very lengthy and cumbersome process of emails, attachments, telephone calls and of course confusion. Rarely a client or employee sends back all documents in one email. This is often spread across many emails and even other means like postal delivery. These emails will all contain attachments, which need to be opened one by one to check if the sent documents meet the standards or are filled out correctly.

It takes an extremely structured and time-consuming process to keep track of the status of which documents are already delivered correctly, which have not are which suddenly seem to be not meeting the required standards, what email contained which document in attachment, has a reminder been sent…

One clear process via a professional digital platform removes headaches for both sides.

Benefit #3 – Improved timeliness

Timeliness in on-boarding clients or employees or placing temporary staff is paramount both for regulatory and time to market reasons. Digital platforms provide us with tools to drive document management processes and push documents automatically through their life-cycles. These tools can also escalate bottlenecks and ensure timely generation and filing of documents and records. This translates into improved compliance and submission readiness.

Furthermore clients and employees will get on board quicker but we also offer them a much nicer user-experience. It will show them what kind of company you are and that you have an eye for their convenience as well.

Increased compliance regulation creates much high-risk awareness at every company. Placing a temporary worker at a client will be completely blocked if not all required documentation in the temp worker’s file is present. The process of placing a person is often very short and under a lot of time-pressure. Digital platforms allowing easy upload and automated validation of the documents is the answer to this because it allows much shorter timelines.

Benefit #4 – Cost and time saver

Email is an amazing tool which has revolutionized the way that we work, however, you can have too much of a good thing, and most of us spend our working day managing information and content in email. Email is unstructured and difficult to manage, and often creates security and storage issues and complicates document version control. Digital platforms remove the need to exchange documents and content via email, removing the security and storage burden and improving control over content and communication.

Benefit #5 – Increased document security and control

Regulated content can be extremely sensitive and having adequate security and control is imperative. Achieving this through paper or file share based document management systems is extremely challenging. Being able to clearly show custody and traceability of documents is a regulatory requirement, and digital platforms can help us comply through the use of audit trails and traceable and granular security controls. Documents are one of our primary IP assets and protecting these should be top of your list.