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πŸš€ A rocket start in 2024 πŸš€

CheckHub has been raising the bar for years when it comes to document management. We started CheckHub because we in an early phase identified that a lot of successful companies were dealing with significant efficiency problems. With a growing business, processes got more complex, with increasing labor cost and a decreasing labor efficiency ratio.

This is the time when strategists started to recognize that organizations with a focus on digital transformation were able to overcome these challenges and that organizations who weren’t, were heading towards a fast decline of growth. The adoption of digital was crucial to maintain steady growth. This is where the innovators and early adopters of the digital transformation were born.

CheckHub proudly guided many of these innovators and early adopters towards a more sustainable environment. Eliminating the waste of documents, document loss and time needed to process documents manually. Our solution led to significant growth and sometimes a cost reduction of more than 70%.

The organizations involved were innovators and early adopters because they were smart and courageous to see and act when needed. But we still needed to go the extra mile to show them the value of our solution beforehand. It was simply a blue ocean.

Along the years we saw that the market was developing, and more organizations proactively approached CheckHub to ask for our help. We started to be a leading solution in the Benelux and now setting our footprint in France, Switzerland and the United States. CheckHub started to scale immensely. To be able to expand our solutions, we established a funding of 1 million euro less than four months ago.

With the market moving faster and faster in 2023 and 2024, we are proud to say that we are moving as well. Our clients can expect new improvements on our platform with smarter technology and improved interaction on and from the platform.

If you are a client, get ready for our new improvements. If you are not a client yet, don’t let this rocket pass you by. πŸš€