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Does Handling Documents REALLY Require Manual Work?

In the not too distant past, office work was an entirely manual process. From writing or typing (on a typewriter) then filing said documents (or mailing, or hand delivering) the process was FULL of paper and all manual. But we are now almost fully immersed in the digital age…

Emails have taken over handwritten letters in many cases and we can now choose to receive (and pay) bills entirely online. We have automated so many processes that we barely, rarely, even need paper. BUT…some offices and organizations have not fully adopted the paperless way of doing things and they still fill their days dealing with paper copies of forms, manually entering information on these forms, and even filing paper copies to keep records. The main reason for this is that some people feel trepidation when dealing with certain types of software and fear the learning curve required to handle all their daily tasks. The good news is, even the most TECHNOPHOBE folks can rest easy as online software like CheckHub can handle all their tasks and more without the need for any special instruction at all.

CheckHub is an online software portal that works to handle just about anything and everything that needs to be done with a document, and it allows you to do it quickly, easily, and with zero paper to deal with.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you need to subscribe a new temporary worker to your company’s HR database. This involves collecting many documents (ID cards, driver’s license, certificates and/diplomas, CVs, policies, contracts…) and manually adding a lot of information in the database. Imagine you have to add temps on a daily basis. CheckHub will allow you to automatically and paperless collect documents and the information from uploaded documents. You can even program automated reminders to be sent to the temporary workers in order to get the right documents in a timely manner. The system will then validate the documents and extract the structured data from the documents so it can be uploaded into your HR database automatically. It even allows for the automated merging, converting and uniform renaming of all the documents directly into your system.

The example above is just ONE scenario of many that CheckHub can handle with ease. Tasks that would have taken HOURS manually can now be handled automatically just by entering the correct information. Any office can become much more efficient simply by implementing CheckHub as part of their daily activity and make manually processing documents a thing of the past.