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How Employment Agencies Can Save Tons of Time and Money Using OCR.

Employment agencies work with LOTS of data. Much of this data is used repeatedly and typing the exact same data over and over again is not only time consuming, it can become incredibly monotonous. Therefore, utilizing smart data capture technology, such as CheckHub’s OCR software, can be a lifesaver when it comes to the day to day data processing of an employment agency.

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and it is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to the process of utilizing documents and filling out forms. OCR software can recognize information within documents, save that information, which then can be used later to expedite filling out forms, sending emails etc. For instance…

One of the tasks that an employment agency completes daily is the filling out and submittal of employment applications or job requests on behalf of its temporary workers. The amount they must fill out depends on how many “temps” they have registered at a given time multiplied by the amount of employment applications they have. So, if there are 100 temps and 100 job applications, that’s 10,000 forms to be filled out. Completing that number of forms and submitting them manually, well, it is likely that most of those positions would be filled by the time the companies received the pertinent information. But, when utilizing OCR technology, this process can be automated and completed extremely quickly. The software can scan a temporary staffer’s information by recognizing static terms such as Date of Birth, Work Experience, Salary Requirements, etc. Then, it will save this data for use at a later time. When a job request or application comes into the firm, the software can then pull this saved data, and enter into the areas on the form that match the correct keywords, and submit it back to the hiring firm, and it can do this…automatically. What once was a laborious, monotonous task, is now an automated computer-controlled process.

OCR is just one of the many ways that CheckHub can help with automating the daily activities of an employment agency. Save time, money, and STRESS by employing “smart” computer technology to get the job done right, and quickly!