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How Staffing Companies Keep Candidates Happy Via Paperless and Automated Processing

You might not see a staffing company as one that sells “products”, but in fact, that’s exactly what it does. Not a product in a package, mind you, but the very PEOPLE they place in various positions.

These “temps” as they are called, are put into various positions in firms to fulfill a need which is often a temporary one, thus the name. When that project is finished, the temp returns to the agency in hopes of receiving a new assignment. IF they get an assignment, they make money, as does the temp agency. This is exactly why streamlining and economizing the relationship between the TEMP and the TEMP AGENCY is so vital. If the Temp has a great experience, they can work indefinitely for that agency…a profitable symbiotic relationship if you will. However, if that process is outdated, frustrating, and results in too much work and confusion, the temp may seek another agency to contract with. *In fact, of the more than 3 million people who are contracted with a staffing company on a weekly basis, less than 41% state that they are “extremely happy” with their staffing agency. This is exactly why utilizing the services of Checkhub can be so valuable in such a situation. A more satisfying user experience (UX) will likely lead to a temp worker staying with a particular agency for a longer term.

As a temp, the process of filling out paperwork, submitting said paperwork, responding to emails, submitting documents with signatures, etc. can be arduous. While these processes are crucial, if they are disjointed and time consuming, it can leave the temp feeling deflated and feeling like they are WORKING even when they aren’t. Checkhub, with their paperless processing software, can help centralize all these processes and more.

Just a few of the features of Checkhub that help make life easier for a temporary worker include:

  • A branded online agency portal allowing candidate to easily upload requested documents, access all info, approve and sign policies or contracts, etc. in one place
  • Automated reminders sent via text, whatsapp and email to temp
  • Automated real time validation of all documents
  • The data from the documents is extracted automatically via OCR
  • Automated conversion from various file formats to PDF documents

These are just a few of the multitude of tasks that Checkhub can help to manage and complete making the user experience for both the temp and the client a much more economical and user friendly one. Less work, less frustration, fewer user errors…it is easy to see why temp agencies and temps alike have found great success utilizing Checkhub’s paperless processing and automated online services.