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CheckHub is a cutting-edge cloud-based platform that empowers you to securely automate document exchanges. With CheckHub, you can effortlessly collect, complete, sign, and validate documents from your employees, freelancers and other collaborators via any device and location. It streamlines the process of obtaining necessary files for your HR administration, enabling you to efficiently handle your administrative tasks.

Thanks to CheckHub we were able to achieve tremendous results in terms of cost- and timesaving. The timesaving is equal to 50% a year or from 0.5 to 2 hours spent per consultant per week . More time, less spend, cost and human error. An excellent result. (Randstad Groep)

We have tailored solutions for any type and size of company, hospital , governmental agency or educational institution. Our unique features include customized document templates, automated notifications and reminders for users, digital signature pads, on-the-spot document validation, and a secure audit trail that ensures secure file transfer.

What’s in it for you?

What is the true value for your organization? How much money and time could you potentially save annually? How would it impact performance, error reduction, and employee and candidate satisfaction? Allow us to share all the details with you in just ten minutes. We firmly believe that CheckHub has the potential to significantly enhance any HR department or organization that relies on document exchange for one or more of their core processes.

We are finally entering the 21st century. Instead of getting lost in masses of paper, we can now establish a digital workflow that culminates in a digital dossier. (UZA)

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