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Onboarding Employees: Make a Good Start

One of the challenges in the onboarding process of a new hire is the existing gap between the data in the company’s core HR system on the one hand and the employee document collection on the other. To close this gap, the company needs a tool that would allow employees, managers and HR to take part in end-to-end HR Service delivery.

By syncing their document collection process with the recruiting module of their HRIS, today’s HR Officers are able to streamline HR operations and automate their offer letter and document collection after signature process, something that used to be very paper-driven

Now, instead of a manager sending an email to HR to approve a new hire, the manager goes directly into the HRIS and pushes a button that generates an offer letter. This can be signed electronically.

Once signed an email is sent automatically to collect the required documents from the new employee. A link in this email brings the new hire immediately to his own profile page where he can easily see which documents he needs to upload and which documents or policies he needs to sign (electronically).

This given the new employee a much better experience than the old fashioned way of getting multiple requests for documents or signatures via email, telephone and on the first day at the job.

Your peer companies are moving ahead. If you want to stay competitve, you have to digitize and improve the experience as well. Your brand has to stand out if you want to attract and keep the top talent. 75% of business leaders claim that companies that do not digitize more will be no longer competitive by 2020.

This also is very valid for HR and the recruitment and onboarding process. According to a special report ‘Future of HR’ from last year 88% of chief HR Officers say they need to invest in three or more technologies within the next two years.