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Six tips for working effectively in 2022 thanks to digital

After 2 years where all the spotlights were turned on the pandemic and the physical risks related to Covid-19, it is now high time to focus on the digitalization of paper exchanges in companies.

The benefits of paperless business, some interesting figures :

  • 45% of print jobs end up in the trash.
  • 40% of an employee’s time is spent managing paper documents.
  • 80% of the companies surveyed want to increase the digitalization of their professions.

The use of online tools to help in the digitalization of companies

Contract signatures

Why would you still want to sign your contracts physically? A paper signature requires either an appointment or the sending of letters (and reminders!). Moreover, it lengthens the signing time and forces you to wait for this key step before you can start a collaboration.

Nowadays, many online solutions exist. Moreover, most of them are “eIDAS” compliant (which is a European compliancy on electronic identification), which means that they authenticate signatures and therefore have the necessary legal value to start a collaboration (work contract, company contract, offer, quote, …). The best known online solutions are HelloSign and DocuSign.

Information sharing – Archiving

Paper archiving is often a source of information loss as well as a waste of time needed to find the archived information. Are you tired of cabinets full of files, lost papers, and the impossibility of searching for information remotely? Opt for an online archiving solution like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Online billing

Do you know how many paper bills are still being sent by mail in 2022? You’d be surprised! One third of the companies surveyed are still using paper invoices. This causes mailing costs, payment delays and the need to send reminder letters. Solutions such as Odoo, Stripe or Zervant, allow you to easily automate the creation and sending of invoices and to collect payments online. Accounting programs will then allow you to link digital invoices directly to your accounting department.

Note taking

It may not make sense that more than 80% of professionals still take their notes on paper.

It is true that notes are very personal and that we often like to associate diagrams or drawings to better remember a process or an idea. However, most online solutions such as Evernote, allow you to take notes with a pen on a tablet and add a series of drawings and diagrams.

Managing your customer relationships

Today’s customers expect the best service and companies can no longer afford not to treat their customers as if they were the only ones. To do so, a dedicated customer database and client relationship team must be in place to provide the best service.

Hubspot is certainly the online customer management tool that excels in this area. This American company is considered to be the Rolls Royce of customer relations. But… Nothing is free, and this is even more the case for Hubspot. SMBs can take advantage of their dedicated pricing to get a discount during the first few years of use.

The constitution of files

Have you ever put together a file for a client or a future employee? Anyone who has ever been confronted with this task will tell you how difficult it is to keep the necessary rigor in order to have each file completed on time and without error. There are almost always 5 steps in the file creation process:

  • Collection of documents (identity documents, permits, certificates, diplomas, customer documents…)
  • Verification of the documents collected
  • Archiving of documents
  • The encoding of information in software or forms
  • Signing contracts and forms or requesting acceptance of regulations and charters

CheckHub is your ally to automate all these tasks in order to have no more mistakes and to watch your customer or employee files build automatically. The online tool features automated reminders by text and email, document scanning, the ability to create checklists by request, accept internal charters and regulations and collect information using pre-filled and intelligent forms.