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Technology as a panacea for document collection

“Beam me up, Scotty!”

At the end of the last century, the iconic Startrek series already showed a simple way to ‘beam up’ people to another location. Looking at that, it should certainly be possible today to simply ‘beam up’ documents. Yet we see many companies – especially those in financial services, legal, insurance, HR and schools – still use email (and attachments) to request documents and other information from their customers, employees and students. Many could use some document-collection magic to streamline the labor-intensive process, which typically involves endless paperwork, back-and-forth forms, and manual signatures.

The magic tool for collecting documents

Digital tools and customer portals can streamline this cumbersome and often error-prone process, reduce processing errors and improve efficiency, while keeping data secure and compliant. Online customer portals are becoming the new standard for collecting documents, improving productivity and eliminating potential security risks associated with sending sensitive data via email. Digital platforms like CheckHub aren’t magic, but they can automate and simplify document collection and management in a secure and hassle-free way.

All aboard the Startrek CheckHub express

The power of the portal

Cloud-based digital portals help companies reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the customer experience. For example, CheckHub can store and organize massive amounts of data, forms, and files, all in an archive that is simple and intuitive to manage. With automated document collection, no magic bullet is needed to:

  • Easily collect documents – even by simply taking a photo with the smartphone
  • Automatically validate documents and extract data from these documents so that they no longer have to be (re)typed manually
  • Offer forms to your customers in a digitally optimized way so that they can fill and sign them in a user-friendly manner via any device
  • Convert, merge and rename documents so that you no longer have to do this manually
  • Integrate with your existing software for a seamless experience

CheckHub’s customer portal for requesting documents – 5 reasons why your business can benefit too

Streamline business processes.

Customer portals that collect documents can streamline business processes by making it easier and faster to get the information you need from your customers or other stakeholders. Documents are digitized as they pass through your customer portal and then securely stored on a server that only authorized users have access to.

Collect documents securely from any location.

Customer portals provide a secure and efficient way to collect documents from end-users remotely, reducing transit time. In addition, the automatic validation gives end-users immediate feedback as to whether their uploaded document is compliant or not.

Improve data security.

When it comes to document collection, customer portals offer enhanced data security compared to email. Customer portals are secure and encrypted, so your customers or employees can rest assured that their information is safe. And unlike email, customer portals eliminate the need to send attachments, reducing the risk of email being blocked by spam filters or junk folders. It is often ‘forgotten’ that email is one of the most insecure ways to exchange data and documents. Emails leave the secure server environment of companies, end up on various mobile devices and often remain unsecured and are very easy to intercept.

Increase customer satisfaction.

When you use a customer portal, you can rest assured that your end users will receive the best possible service and experience, making document collection simple and easy.

“As the world shifts to digital solutions, it is critical that your information (customer data, trade secrets, etc.) is secure. Document management systems come with built-in security and access control, so you can control who has access to certain documents. Plus, you can see all the activity on a given document,” says Business News Daily.

Moreover, it is much clearer for your customer what needs to be delivered: it is on one well-arranged portal! And not in multiple emails with numerous attachments.

Unburden your own employees.

Perhaps this is the most important reason. Gone are the days where it was considered ‘normal’ for administrative staff to deal almost exclusively with dealing with paper documents, emails with many attachments, scanning and manual renaming and saving of documents! Let’s face it: these tasks don’t really make anyone happy.

When you provide your organization’s staff with a customer portal, you enable them to collect documents quickly and easily. This saves time and money, making the process more efficient for everyone. Look for customer portal solutions that provide automated reminders. This way they never have to manually follow up files and you also increase the number of complete files. Handy for any audit.

If we summarize it, it becomes very simple: all the administrative employee must do is tick a box in the already existing software package. The digital platform does the rest. At the end of the journey, the requested documents are neatly saved in the correct file. Companies using CheckHub see a 35% increase in productivity. They also save up to 80% on the administrative costs associated with handling documents. Don’t take our word for it, listen to CheckHub’s customers.

Talking about digital transformation magic!