Clinics of Europe

Clinics of Europe is a hospital group comprising three clinics at three different sites. All the clinics have a total of 2,500 employees. Constantly, new doctors and assistants are brought in to perform their services within the establishment. Quite an administrative challenge.

The Challenges

Each time a new doctor or assistant enters into a contractual aspect with the clinics, they have to ask for a multitude of different documents. The examples of documents are as follows:

  • Diploma of Medicine
  • Visa Diploma of Medicine
  • Diploma of specialization
  • Approval to bear the title of specialization
  • INAMI certificate with provisional or definitive INAMI number
  • Registration with the Order of Physicians
  • Identity Card, Criminal Record
  • Photo for badge
  • Proof of accreditation (INAMI)
  • Professional Company Status

In addition, clinics must also collect a series of data through information sheets from doctors and assistants. Examples of data collected are as follows: Bank account number, Mobile phone number, Language, Accreditation data, Mutual insurance agreement, Fee periods, Date of start of activity, Company number, etc.

This adds up to nearly 10 hours of work per week.

The hospital group must therefore collect and process all this information manually, through its secretariat, which is made up of 3 full-time staff. This adds up to nearly 10 hours of work per week.

The solution

Clinics of Europe are now automating these repetitive and abundant tasks with CheckHub. The choice was made to use the online platform “SaaS” (Software-as-a-Service). To begin with, the secretariat creates the new profiles by adding the names, first names, email addresses and telephone numbers of doctors and assistants. Then, automated forms are sent to the people concerned in order to collect all the necessary information relating to its entry into service. This ranges from Accreditation and Mutual Agreement data to the size needed for the work coat.

Along with the submission of forms, the necessary documents are collected and automated reminders by emails and text messages are sent until the file is complete.

In order to send documents and completed forms, the doctor or assistant is given access to a secure inpidual profile which only requires one click to access it. Indeed, there is no application to download, no username or password to complete. Everything is done via a secure one-person link received by sms and email.

Each time a document is uploaded by the new entrant, it is validated by optical scanning and the document information is verified and extracted in a structured manner. When the file is complete, the documents are automatically converted to PDF and renamed in accordance with the nomenclature rules in force at Clinics of Europe. While the information extracted from the documents and forms is available in an Excel file which can then be used for other purposes within the hospital group; for example, to create the badge allowing access to buildings.

The time spent on these administrative tasks was reduced by 80%.

Using the online version of CheckHub, there was no need for IT integrations on the client side. The Clinics secretariat was therefore able to use the solution the day after registration on our site. The time spent on these administrative tasks was reduced by 80%.