Going for efficiency with an eye for the environmental at Job Talent

Driven by the search for efficiency and going more digital, Job Talent began using the PratoFlex – CheckHub integration in 2021. What has been their experience and feedback regarding CheckHub?

Good afternoon, Jela. Let’s start by outlining how the document collection process for temporary workers used to work at Job Talent.

Before we started using the PratoFlex – CheckHub integration, the collection of documents for these temporary workers involved a lot of paperwork, not to mention a significant amount of paper waste. At Job Talent, we’ve become increasingly aware of the environmental aspect of our operations. It was an administrative hassle where we had to print documents such as declarations of intent and information sheets, fill them out with the candidates, and then scan them to an email inbox. Afterward, these documents had to be stored and correctly linked to a candidate. Therefore, there were numerous (manual) steps in this process, leading to a considerable waste of time. Even for items like ID cards or bank cards, we had to use a photocopier to make copies, scan them, save them, and link them.

Of course, it all started with setting up your account on the CheckHub platform to get started. How did you experience the preparation and the startup process?

That was actually very well organized and went very smoothly. Our contact at CheckHub set up a call with us where we went through everything that needed to be provided. This included our logo, a list of document types, and the submission of several forms. CheckHub even had standard templates ready for email and SMS messages and profile pages, which we could choose from or make our own modifications to. So, we didn’t need to be creative ourselves and start composing texts from a blank page. As a result, the time and effort on our end were minimal.

How have you experienced CheckHub’s service up to today?

Every time I send an email with a question, I receive a reply from you on them same day, and almost always with a solution or a proposed alternative. What I’ve also greatly appreciated is the honesty. I remember that the CheckHub feedback on certain complex startup documents was that it would take too much time and money to include them from the start, and they asked if we wanted to wait for that. We could immediately make a significant efficiency gain by starting with the rest of the document set. So, if I may summarize: CheckHub is very transparent and quick.

And perhaps the most important question to ask: what are the main benefits you have been able to achieve today thanks to the PratoFlex – CheckHub integration?

Here we must say that thanks to this integration of CheckHub into PratoFlex, we’ve seen a very positive evolution. Where we used to waste a lot of time or even forget to follow up on the files, it is now an automated process that requires little to no manual intervention. Besides the time savings, it’s also much easier for a temporary worker to do this comfortably at home via smartphone or computer, and they can upload or fill in all documents in a single step.

To be complete, I have to mention that there are, of course, still people who don’t upload or sign the requested documents. These need to be called again. But this number is much smaller than we initially thought, and it’s decreasing more and more as we go further. If we just look at the declarations of intent and information sheets, for example, we save a lot of time and our files are much more complete. And, of course, we are of course truly going ‘paperless.’