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The importance of collecting documents digitally

Wherever companies sign up new clients or welcome new employees, data and documents needs to be gathered.  Even if we think we live in a digital era, this moment means that administrative employees start up a process of requesting this data and those documents via email or telephone.

But the process and the work do not stop there. Very often it is the start of a very long, fragmented and cumbersome process. People that do not deliver have to be reminded, documents that are sent but are not correct, not complete or not clear enough have to requested to be sent again.

Some documents come in via email but also via post or are handed over during a meeting. Which means a whole process of validation, scanning and archiving has to be executed manually.

In many occasions the time, effort and cost related to the administrative work treating these documents and data remains under the radar. But it has a cost and it is a repetitive job that adds little or no value at all.

Digital document collection platforms allow you today to execute this whole process in a much more efficient manner. Such a platform handles the whole process of document collection via multiple digital channels as email, text and WhatsApp, over the automated validation, merging and conversion to even name giving and archiving according to your own nomenclature.

A study amongst CheckHub’s clients has shown that they manage to save up to 60% of the administrative cost of document handling by introducing a digital platform. Moreover the study showed that the process gives the new clients or employee a much better user-experience and the process of collecting documents is finalized much quicker than before.

Difficult to set up? Not at all! To start a state-of-the-art SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform can be used, which allows companies to kick-off quickly and without much integration work.

If you are looking for an area where it is absolutely sure that you will save money and time and make everybody much happier, stop looking, go for a digital document collection platform.