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Why automate HR file creation in hospitals?

Automating HR processes in hospitals can bring many benefits, especially when it comes to employee and freelance record keeping. Manual processes can be time-consuming, tedious and error-prone, which can cause significant delays in the recruitment and staffing processes. In addition, the number of documents and forms that need to be obtained in healthcare industries can easily reach 20 per person. Automating the tasks of automated reminders, verification, validation, form pre-filling, signatures and conversion can therefore save time and improve the quality of records.

Using dedicated software to automate these processes can help standardize information and make it more accessible. This can include information such as employment history, qualifications and skills of employees. For example, when onboarding new physicians, it is also important to collect information via a series of forms:

  • Declaration of professional deduction
  • Information sheet / Information slip
  • Status of agreement” form
  • Declaration of household composition
  • Request for a public transport pass
  • Application to join the third-party payment plan
  • Application for membership in the local trade union
  • Commitment to confidentiality
  • Information on lingerie (blouse size, …)
  • Acceptance of computer protocols
  • Acceptance of the rules of good computer conduct
  • Acceptance of privacy

Moreover, if we stay on the example of doctors in hospitals, a whole range of documents are also necessary. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Diplomas
  • Extract from the criminal record
  • Identity card
  • Document INAMI
  • Order of Physicians
  • Photo (for entry badges)
  • Internship plan (for those who are concerned)

In addition to automating the collection of these documents, the software can also verify their content, validate them and extract their content automatically. The extracted information can then be transmitted to the various departments concerned, such as payroll management.