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You now have recruiting software – But Is your Recruitment Process FULLY Automated?

Recruitment software is a lifesaver! Never before has it been easier to locate qualified candidates, reach out to them, and even begin the process of onboarding them into your recruitment agency. BUT, once you them in your system, how much manual labor is your team still doing?

For instance, in the effort to keep a candidate’s information active, or request updated skills information, or secure a signed document…how do you contact them? In many cases, the answer is likely that you are emailing them. You may have to include an attached document for them to fill out and send back to you, or simply reply to the email with specific content. This…is completely unnecessary!

The bottom line is, if you have automated your recruitment process, you should take your systems to the next step and ensure your software can handle all aspects of onboarding and processing updated information! There is no reason to send inpidual emails when the software exists that can fulfil these tasks without your being involved. A completely automated recruiting system can handle all these tasks for you and will make your, and the candidate’s life simpler. And the benefits outweigh just the time savings of sending inpidual messages or handling inpidual documents…

If all your processes are automated and handled completely by recruitment software, the number of mistakes will be minimized as well leading to a much more efficient and error free experience for all. A streamlined recruitment process that is handled by automated software can even help increase the persity of the candidate pool as everyone will experience the exact same process, so no language might be tailored to a specific gender, race etc.

So while your organization may be familiar with the benefits of utilizing recruitment software, if your process is not fully automated, you are likely still spending too much time, dealing with too many mistakes, and not maximizing the user experience for your candidates or the companies who are looking for them. Make sure to look at the available software systems that exist and you will likely see the benefits of upgrading your package and take your recruitment and candidate management operations to the next level.